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13th Century Heavy Metal

About the Band

Posted by on May 18, 2008

About the Band

Whiskey Galore formed in 1997 as the result of friendship between Mike Bowen and Kevin Briley and a passion for Celtic music. The duo released their first album, Erin’s Keel, in the fall of 2001. In 2002, Jeff Davis joined the band, thus forming a trio and sparking the motto, “American Bred, Celtic Fed.” In 2005, Rich Spencer joined the family to make the group a foursome. The group regularly performs with guest artists Kristin B. and Roddy Thompson. In 2003, the band released its second album,Triur. In March 2006, the group completed its third album, “Five Hours South of Dublin”,  in March 2008, “The Circle of Fifths”, and the most recent album , “Whiskey Rebellion: Old No. 5” was released for Saint Patrick’s Day at Lengthwise Brewery in Bakersfield, Ca. and at the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, Nv..


This would not be possible without the support of our families and friends. Long may it live!



Mike Bowen, the percussive foundation of the band, began his musical journey at the age of ten. His instinctive rhythm on the bodhran and djembe give Whiskey Galore’s music the pulse of a living heartbeat. Mike is also the lead vocalist of the band and lends his talent on the guitar, whistle, or any other instrument thrown his way. And all the chicks dig him.

kevin.jpg Kevin Briley started playing music and singing at age five. He started playing Scottish Bagpipes in 1988 and has won numerous solo awards in America. He has played in the Los Angeles Scots and L.A.P.D. pipe bands in America and Milngavie pipe band in Scotland. Having spent plenty of time in Ireland, Kevin has professionally developed his true passion: uilleann pipes. Kevin’s piping allows Whiskey Galore to be enjoyed by a wide variety of Celtic music fans. He also performs on the whistle, bodhran, and vocals.

Jeff Davis is a self-taught guitarist. Jeff started instrumental music around age 10.  Classically trained as a bassoonist, saxophonist, and bassist with the San Diego Youth Symphony and at one point nearly decided to make his living as an orchestral bassoonist! Jeff also has an abundance of jazz experience, especially big band swing and bebop. Jeff ‘s technical talent can be heard in his 6 and 12 string arrangements which provide an amazing bridge between pipes and drums. He also performs on the bodhran, irish flute, and vocals. The Reverend Jeppy Davis, what can we say? He’s the big fella mixmaster- him belong Jesus Christ!  (please email for explanation!)


Rich Spencer has been playing bass since age eleven. He is mostly self-taught, and brings an abundance of experience from his days on the Berkeley music scene in the early 90’s. Rich’s smooth, deep bass lines, provide the perfect accent to Whiskey Galore. Most recently Rich has been adding back-up vocals and bodhran to the sound.  He is also contributing on the big “Stand-up” Bass.



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