Whiskey Galore

13th Century Heavy Metal


Posted by on May 18, 2008

  1. The Mist Covered Mountains
  2. The Silver Lining
  3. The Opener and The Eavesdropper
  4. The Set List
  5. Boat on the River
  6. Dirty Old Town I
  7. Duncan Johnstone/Fleshmarket Close
  8. Noah’s Ark
  9. An Fhaillingin Mhuimhneach
  10. The Dusty Millar
  11. The Gravel Walk
  12. Finnegan’s Wake
  13. Tell Me Ma
  14. Caledonia
  15. The Queen of Argyle
  16. Intro/Itchy Fingers – 5 Drone Melee
  17. Dirty Old Town II (Celtabilly)
  18. The Johnny Jump Up
  19. I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her
  20. Rory MacLeod
  21. Northern Ireland Prison Blues
  22. Cork Hill



  1. Whiskey in the Jar
  2. The Fox Hunter
  3. Johnny Don’t Go
  4. Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shores
  5. IB Jeff
  6. an Roghair Dubh
  7. The Mermaid
  8. The Rotten Leaf
  9. Peggy Gordon
  10. And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
  11. a Stor Mo Chroi
  12. Come Out Ye Black and Tan
  13. The Galtee Ranger
  14. The Rocky Road to Dublin
  15. Glencoe/The Campbells are Coming
  16. All For Me Grog (live set)
  17. The Irish Cobra/Donella Beaton (live set)
  18. Dr. MacInnes’ Fancy (live set)
  19. The Rocky Road to Dublin Instrumental (live set)
  20. The First House in Connaught (live set)
  21. The Jolly Beggerman/Something Clumsy/The Bulgarian Bandit
  1. Black Velvet Band
  2. The Mason’s Apron
  3. Sliabh Luachra
  4. Green Fields of France (Flowers of the Forest)
  5. Brian Boru/Hag at the Churn
  6. Rich’s Old Strings
  7. Donnybrook Fair/Ant Athair Jack Walsh
  8. Process Man (The Chemical Worker’s Song)
  9. Orange Tree Roads
  10. The Fields of Athenry
  11. The Manhattan Spree/Limestone Rock
  12. The Sports of Multy
  13. Atholl Highlanders
  14. Back Home in Derry
  15. McPherson’s Lament
  16. Lament for Staker Wallace
  17. No Irish Need Apply
  18. The Dirty Louch/The Panda
  19. Lark in the Morning/Seàn Bui
  20. Plaid Shawl
  21. “Live” 7 Drunken Nights/Rakes of Mallow/Gumpy Uncle Hal/Atholl Highlanders
  22. The Parting Glass
  1. Tripping Up the Stairs/Kesh Jig
  2. Stab the Drum/Jim McGillivray’s
  3. “Live” Peter Street/Drunken Sailor
  4. Mairi’s/Murdo’s Wedding
  5. Cead/Fead an Iolair
  6. Belfast Mill
  7. The Gypsy
  8. Bin na Mallaidh/Glasgow Police
  9. A Man’s a Man For a That/Garb of Old Gaul
  10. Wild Mountain Thyme
  11. Cursai
  12. Ward’s/Ghillie Booze Jig
  13. Pipe Major Donald MacLean of Lewis/Jim MacGillivray’s
  14. Down the Back Lane/Kesh Jig
  15. Kilkelly, Ireland
  16. MacPherson’s Lament (instrumental)
  17. For All Your Endearing Young Charms/Abby’s Jig
  18. Fraher’s Jig/Garrett Barry’s
  19. Mo Ghile Mear
  20. Health to the Company
  1. The Rambling Pitchfork
  2. Sound the Pibroch
  3. Wings/Cabar Feidh/Scotland the Brave
  4. Rocking the Baby/Irish Washerwoman/Garry Owen
  5. Boys of Malin/Gravel Walk/Rakes of Mallow
  6. Easy Club Reel
  7. Star of the County Down
  8. South Wind
  9. Farewell to the Creeks/Cock O’ the North
  10. O’Sullivan’s March/ King of Laoise/ Atholl Highlanders
  11. The Wild Rover
  12. Pumpkin’s Fancy
  13. Maggie in the Woods
  14. She Moved Through the Fair
  15. Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shores
  16. Green Hills of Tyrol/The Battle’s O’er
  17. 4 Pints Macauley/Train to Cobh
  18. Itchy Fingers/Kristin’s Evil Twin/Mrs. MacLeod of Rassay
  19. Price of a Pig/Johnny’s Jig/Smokin in the Kitchen
  20. Galican Jig/Grumpy Uncle Hal
  21. Beidh Aonach Amarach
  22. The Foggy Dew



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