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13th Century Heavy Metal

Nice comment from Bog Iron

Posted by on Feb 15, 2010

From the October Celtic New Year’s bash in 2009

…Next up was Whiskey Galore, a great bunch of guys who originally got us the show there. More traditional sounding than either 1916 or Bog Iron, but you can definitely hear the “Bakersfield” influence. Excellent version of “Seven Drunken Nights.” Much kudos for the best damn cover version of “Thunderstruck” I’ve ever heard! Special thanks to the boys for pulling me and Peter up on stage to sing for that one!

We closed down the show and hell of a time doing so. That hour and a half roared by! Whiskey Galore joined us on stage for “Come Out Ye Black and Tans”, which was the absolute best that song has ever sounded They also joined us for “Finnegan’s Wake” and Mike from Whiskey G. even took a verse! Man…that dude lived up to his band’s name that night…he replaced his entire blood supply with alcohol. It was amazing to watch…. Then they hit it out of the park when they helped us finish off the evening with our version of “The Night Pat Murphy Died / People Who Died.”

-Patrick Golden

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