Whiskey Galore

13th Century Heavy Metal

Live at Lengthwise double cd


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It appears we might be the longest running traditional Celtic band (with the original line-up) in the United States of America. We started in 1997 and released a new album every two years from 2001-2011. This is our first offering since 2011’s Whiskey Rebellion. Since then we’ve been through some rough times, but we’ve never stopped. For years we have been wanting to make an album that mirrors the way our friends and fans really see us. It had to be a “LIVE” album, containing the live and most recent versions of our music going back to the beginning of our formation.  For twenty years we’ve only envisioned creating this album and presenting our music the way it appears here.

All of this was recorded live on location in Bakersfield, California at LENGTHWISE “THE PUB” on March 11th and November 4th of 2017. God bless all who attended the events, ever supported us, brought us a pint, shared a laugh, or even just enjoyed us on an album. We feel we’ve finally done it…captured an album that represents the energy, and Whiskey Galore personality, of our music – because we recorded this LIVE, in front of all of you. Cheers.

1. Glasgow Police
2. Atholl Highlanders/Gravel Walk
3. Wild Rover
4. Sound the Pibroch
5. Nancy Whiskey/Sliabh Luchra
6. Back Home in Derry
7. Hag at the Churn
8. High Proof
9. Star of the County Down
10. She Moved Through the Fair
11. Jim McGillivray’s/Rory Gallagher
12. Haul Away Joe/The Night Paddy Murphy Died
13. The Fields of Athenry
14. Whiskey in the Jar
15. Health to the Company
16. Lengthwise (Thunderstruck)

1. Tribal/Price of a Pig/Johnny’s Jig/Smokin in the Kitchen
2. Fleshmarket Close
3. Ramblin Rover
4. Process Man
5. Finnegan’s Wake
6. The Arran Convict
7. Beer Beer Beer
8. Tell Me Ma
9. Amazing Grace/Atholl Highlanders
10. Rory Macleod
11. 7 Drunken Nights
12. The Foggy Dew
13. The Sick Note
14. Cigareets and Whiskey, and Wild, Wild Women
15. Dirty Lough/The Panda
16. The Parting Glass


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